Innovative Connectivity Platform

E2E Industrial Management Solution (IMS) is a comprehensive Network Management System that is purpose built for managing critical Industrial communication networks. Pre-defined rules, thresholds and notifications offer rapid deployment and quick time to value. As networks become increasing complex, E2E IMS is essential for efficient operations

Award-Winning Network Management

Purpose Built

  • Designed specifically for managing critical industrial communication networks
  • Offers visibility into network health and alerts in a single dashboard display
  • Historical trend analysis
  • Customized views for different users/roles

Responsive Design

  • Flexible platform that responds to user devices, whatever the environment- including in the field on a laptop, tablet, or cellphone.
  • Faster page loading speed and improved browsing experience.

Quicker & Smarter

  • Rapid remote provisioning, monitoring, and controlling of communication devices across the entire device development lifecycle
  • Anticipates problems and audits device configurations

Future Proof

  • Designed to be scalable, flexible and grow with your critical industrial communications network.
  • Provides automatic provisioning, monitoring and control of devices

E2E Industrial Management Solution

  • IMS is a comprehensive Industrial Management Solution
  • Purpose built for managing critical industrial communication networks
  • Rapid deployment and quick time to value
  • Robust remote provisioning, monitoring and control of communication devices from end-to-end

E2E Industrial Management Solution

  • Provides monitoring and reporting in a “single pane of glass” for a “single source of truth”
  • Offers visibility into network health, enhancing resource deployment decision making
  • Special capabilities that far exceed those of generic Network Management Systems, Element Managers, or simple diagnostic software
  • Integration with existing communication and security processes, with nimble development support

IMS Network Management Features and Functionality

End to End Management of the Network Lifecycle:

  • Health monitoring and proactive notifications
  • Historical trend analysis
  • Automated device configuration updates
  • Customized views and alerts based on user role/group

IMS Benefits and Value

  • Provide visibility into industrial network & device health and performance, tracking it historically over time
  • Drive efficient use of resources through proactive notifications and accurate dispatch information
  • Improve radio performance and availability by anticipating possible problems and auditing device configurations
  • Manage communication equipment across the entire device deployment lifecycle
  • Provide 24/7/365 availability: a "must have" for today's business world

Provide 24/7/365 availability:
A "must have" for today's business world

It is an absolute necessity in today's world to have an Enterprise Management System available around the clock. These systems must have the ability to collect data, analyze that collected information , and generate alerts when problems arise - all in real time. Then, within a click or two of the mouse, users can quickly identify the root cause of an issue to ensure their networks and devices stay at optimal performance.

Because any products in the market lack these critical requirements, End 2 End (E2E) developed a configurable and flexible high availability platform over seven years ago. E2E, knowing that any new product would need to meet stringent standards and be the best-of-breed, identified the requirements, built the solution quickly and became the go-to in the market for reliability, configurability, and performance. E2E’s experience in building network management platforms has positioned them to provide a high availability product to over 100 different enterprise level companies.

E2E also offers a managed service option – a feature other competitors lack. This allows the customer a low-cost entry point using E2E's high availability managed services platform in a seamless, cost-efficient manner. Additionally, since E2E's Industrial Management Solution (IMS) works with many different device manufacturers, it is easy for companies to implement the software and take advantage of E2E’s scalability while allowing users to quickly become product experts.

A comprehensive tool for deploying & managing
mission critical industrial wireless networks

Integrated Dashboard

At-a-glance viewing & monitoring of entire network health on one screen

Historical Data

Collect key performance indicators (KPIs) for trend analysis & planning

Customizable Views

Personalize feature access for each user based on their roles

Customer Service

Efficient & friendly support from our expert software development team

Gain Total Network Visibility

Industrial Management Solution gives total visibility into all network assets, with remote monitoring, automation, and control. Constant and efficient monitoring allows for remote troubleshooting, improved planning, and increased safety.