About Us

Your industrial wireless communications partner and Industrial IoT Solutions provider since 2013


Services & Solutions

We consult, design, deploy and manage critical communinations network and IoT solutions from end-to-end


Our Customers

300+ customers, partners and resellers in oil/gas, utilities, water/wastewater, and transportation

End 2 End Technologies offers a unique combination of wireless communications and information technology expertise. We improve efficiency, reduce risk, and lower the cost of industrial field operations via modernization and management of our customers’ wireless communications needs. From initial planning through life cycle support, we assist your team in adopting a wireless solution that keeps communication costs low while maximizing network reliability.

With Industry Leading Experience, E2E’s Professional Services consist of the following:









End 2 End Technologies

End 2 End Technologies speciales in providing end to end industrial Wireless communication solutions. Our highly trained engineers, experienced field technicians and top level software developers take a consultative, or needs-based approach, with our customers. We focus on developing strategies that address your company's specifec challenges. We engineer design and implement solutions that are tailored for your company's need, allowing you to maintain and manage your industrial network in the most efficient way possible.

Company Vision

End 2 End Technologies translates the most advanced communication technology into real world value for our customers in the oil/gas, water/wastewater and utilities sectors.

Goals & Objectives

  • Clearly communicate and deliver our compelling value proportion to our customers
  • Foster a thriving company culture to attract and retain the top industry professionals in engineering, field service, and software development
  • Consistently deliver superior standard of products, sales, service and support
  • Prioritize and value personal relationships with our customers,partner, and colleagues in the industry