Software Downloads


E2E Industrial Management Solution (IMS) is a comprehensive Network Management System that is purpose built for managing critical industrial communication networks. Pre-defined rules, thresholds and notifications offer rapid deployment and quick time to value. As networks become increasing complex, E2E IMS is essential for efficient operations.

E2E Radio Admin Software

E2E Radio Admin software provides radio technicians with a powerful tool for managing GE MDS Data Acquisition and LAN Extension radios, as well as Freewave, 4RF, Sierra Wireless, and Ubiquiti decives.

E2E Provisioner

E2E Provisioner enables speed from purchase to deployment by systematically configuring thousands of radios in less time with fewer errors. Provisioner will allow for team members to perform deployments while assuring successful radio configuration and network consistency. It will decrease the time required of technicians at each deployment, as well as minimizing configuration errors by using customizable radio templates.


GE MDS PulseNET software provides a comprehensive Network Management Solution (NMS) for GE MDS proprietary products, as well as for other common third-party network products.

E2E PulsePAK Software

E2E PulsePAK software is an add-on to GE MDS PulseNET Enterprise product which allows for discovery and monitoring of other vendor radios alongside the GE MDS products in a very detailed and purpose-built method. Supported radios are:

  • Cambium 450
  • Cambium 550
  • Cambium 820S
  • Freewave HTPlus
  • Freewave Serial (with proxy)
  • Freewave WavePro
  • Freewave Zumlink
  • 4RF Aprisa SR+
  • MimoMax Tornado
  • Radwin Airmux
  • Radwin 5000
  • Sierra Wireless GX450
  • Sierra Wireless LS300
  • Sierra Wireless Raven