IMS NMS 2.2.0 release

May 28, 2021

IMS NMS 2.2.0 release

End 2 End Technologies is excited to announce its latest version of the Industrial Management Solution for Network Management System (IMS NMS) version 2.2.0. A key new feature is the ability to monitor devices in an ICMP only (ping) method for up/down status of any IP device -- at a reduced license cost.  

The IMS NMS product supports a variety of radio manufacturers that includes GE MDS, 4RF, Cambium, FreeWave, Sierra Wireless, Radwin, Mimomax and Ubiquiti as well as Cisco and any MIB-II supported device.

IMS NMS supports Change Management for remote device changes to avoid the costly travel expense of driving to an isolated location. Customers can make configuration, firmware, and certificate updates as well as other changes -- all from the comfort of the office!

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