Enabling IoT for Smart Grid through Broadband Networks

August 20, 2021

Enabling IoT for Smart Grid through Broadband Networks

September 2nd, 10am CT


About the Session

In this webinar, we will discuss how to enable IoT for smart grid through broadband networks. We will highlight the following:

Cambium Features

  • Industrial IoT
  • Smart Grid Applications
  • Distribution Automation
  • AMI Metering Infrastructure) backhaul
  • Backhaul Transport
  • Video surveillance for asset and personnel security
  • Substation
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for workforce automation

Cambium Benefits

  • End-to-End Network Connectivity - Connect the entire field area network to the backbone and manage the system from one dashboard
  • Scalability - Connect single devices to thousands with a synchronized network
  • Reliable – Designed for high availability for mission-critical network infrastructure
  • Low OPEX – Private wireless networks are deployed where coverage is required and with the capacity required to serve the mission with low ongoing expense.
  • Low-touch provisioning and centralized management - Software solutions ensure accurate planning, low-cost deployments, and real-time monitoring of the network.
  • Secure – Communications are encrypted and can be aligned to corporate IT security policies including easy over-the-upgrades of security parameters and centralized monitoring.